Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – November and December, 2016


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What a blessing November and December were. These two months found us busy with three different projects, but it also allowed us time at our home church to spend with family and friends during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The first part of November we were able to visit Pastor Ken Pennington in Clarksville Arkansas and Pastor Jeremy Wilson in Picayune Mississippi. Both congregations are constructing very similar buildings. We return to our home church in Missouri with a desire to help them as the Lord directs.

In November we headed to Mountain View, Arkansas and installed windows in the sanctuary at Heritage Baptist Church. We enjoyed a good time of fellowship with Pastor Tim Whitfield and his wife Kim. We also enjoyed seeing their mom Fay and other members of the congregation. After finishing that project we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family in Kansas City.

In December we packed our fifth wheel trailer and left Missouri and headed south, stopping in Clarksville, Arkansas to help Pastor Pennington and brother Jeremiah with construction on their new building. We came there to be co-laborers with them in their building project and were made to feel very much like honored guests by the Clarksville Baptist Church congregation. Next, we went down into Texas, dropping our truck and trailer at our sister’s house north of Houston and spent two days visiting my sister Andrea and husband Mike Stanford, our Texas family, before heading back to our home church. On the way back home we were able to stop for a Wednesday evening service at Bible Baptist Church in Montalba, Texas. How great it was to visit our longtime friends Pastor Ronn Herod and his wife Amanda along with their family who are laboring together there.

We spent several days in December in Seymour, Missouri working with the Pritchard family. They have been given a 58,000 square-foot facility to use as part of the Preach Evangelistic Ministry, a worldwide ministry to the Portuguese speaking people. Brother Phillip Pritchard, wife Sarah, and four kids have been keeping our house lived in while we have been traveling around. Brother Philip and family will be returning to Cape Verde Africa soon leaving his dad, Brother Paul Pritchard, to finish the remodeling of the building into classrooms, apartments, offices, a warehouse area, and conference rooms.

Thanks to Brother Darrell Miller and wife Trish for putting us up and for their willingness to help us labor in the New Testament Church Planting ministry. Please pray for all these good folks and their labor for the Lord, and for us as we plan to head to Picayune Mississippi in January.