McCullough Newsletter – February 2007


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The McCullough Family

February 2007 Newsletter

Ray and SusieThis winter has been a very busy one for us. We are still in Amarillo, TX working with Central Baptist Church. The church members here are such loving and caring people, that give themselves tirelessly and graciously. Their men are all still faithful in working on the building every Thursday and Saturday, and some of them come out to work several other days too! Every pastor should have men as dedicated to their building program as these men. They have also kept all the other church ministries going, including their visitation and soul winning. We have been privileged to participate with them in both soul winning and visitation. This month alone they have canvased the neighborhoods in the area of the church giving over 1000 homes a gift of a full size church calendar. This month there has not been a Sunday in which there has not been souls saved. These include 1 teenager, 2 young boys, 1 young married lady, and one young couple. Susie and one of the church ladies made the initial contact with the young couple on Saturday visitation. Of those saved 2 have followed their Lord in Baptism.

The building is coming along very well, and we are down to painting walls, laying ceramic tile, suspended ceiling etc. We ( Ray & Susie) just made a trip to Okla. City, to pick up 51 doors and wood trim on the 22nd. It won’t be long until the men will start installing doors, cabinets, and trim. They hope to be in their new building by the middle of April.

The mosaic in the picture above was laid by missionary to Guyana, Ken Patton. He also did a mosaic of Okla. in the foyer of Cornerstone Baptist in McAlester, OK.

Besides our work here, Ray has made trips to San Angelo, TX to remove some old windows frame and cover the opening, and then to McAlester, OK to put in suspended ceiling, and Fritch, TX to hang doors.

Thank you once again for your prayers and financial support that allows us to continue helping these churches provide lovely places of worship and to reach the lost.


Ray & Susie McCullough