Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – July and August, 2015


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July and August, 2015

The first week in July was a busy one. Our intention was pull our fifth wheel to Fort Scott, Kansas after the Fourth of July and have our friends and coworkers, the Finleys, meet us there mid July, but God’s plan for us was different. On the way back from returning the bus our home church had rented to take the youth to Silver State Baptist Youth Camp, Ray McCullough called and asked if we would go to Muddlety, West Virginia to help with the building NTCP had started in May, so, after spending the Fourth of July with Mary’s folks in Kansas City we packed and headed east, arriving at Believers Baptist Church in Muddlety on July seventh, meeting up with two NTCP couples, Jerry and Sandra Cheek, and Doug and Marjorie Brown. The Cheeks were able to stay until July 13th and we remained with the Browns until July 27th. While at Believers Baptist Church we were able to finish mudding and sanding the drywall, get the building textured and painted, lay, grout and seal tile in the bathrooms , foyer, and hall, hang doors, and do a lot of the trim work. It would have been wonderful to remain there with those kind folks until the building was finished, to worship with them in their new facility. Space does not permit us to tell you of all the great people God allowed us to meet; we thank and praise Him for allowing us to be a part of that congregation, if only for a brief time.

On the way back home to Missouri we were blessed to be able to visit two of Mary’s sisters and their families, one in Ohio, and one in Indiana, arriving home very early on Wednesday morning. We spent a Wednesday and Sunday at our home church, Wilson Creek Baptist Church. Early Monday morning we headed for Fort Scott, Kansas. For Mary and I, returning to Fort Scott was sort of a reunion. After helping the folks at Emmanuel Baptist Church last summer to move into the fellowship hall side of their new building we returned hoping to help them finish the sanctuary. The Finleys, who had arrived a week prior, were expecting us. We parked our trailer (in our usual spot) at the Lake Frances RV park, again guests of Lynn and Ellen Robinson, the park owners. The Finleys had to leave a week after we arrived but that was enough time to get the ceiling completed and to enjoy some good fellowship together. After the Finleys departed we constructed two rooms on the sides of the sanctuary then with the help of Rick Palmer and some of his construction crew we built the platform between the two rooms. We also had a visit from Ray and Suzie McCullough who were able to stay for a couple of nights and help with the building.

Isn’t it great the way God works things out: While here Ray was able to secure a baptistery located in North Carolina for about half price. A friend of ours in Missouri volunteered to build the heater for it for about a third of what one would have cost, and when I spoke with David Finley in late in August he reminded me that he was going to be helping a preacher friend of his move from Nebraska to a town in North Carolina, about 50 miles from where the baptistery was located. Wow, who but God could have arranged all of that?