Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – July and August, 2016


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July found us in Missouri, working at the church plant in Seymour. After the mudding and taping process we were able to paint the newly hung sheetrock in the foyer, stairwell, and basement. We also got the outside of the building painted. Lights were installed in the basement along with some extensive rewiring. We installed a condensate pump to reroute the condensate from the air conditioner, which before had been left to run across the concrete basement floor into a floor drain. All the water lines were removed and replaced as part of the plumbing of the bathrooms along with redoing the waste lines to accommodate the placement of a toilet and sink in the bathroom we created. All the work in Seymour could not have been accomplished without much help from our friends Darrell and Trish Miller.

We were able to help the folks at Heritage Baptist Church in Mountain View, Arkansas for a few days. Pastor Tim Whitfield was glad to have us there to help with the exterior of the house located on the church property. The house is currently being utilized as office space and a missions apartment. The fascia was in need of repainting and replacing. We got busy with our power washer and sprayed off the fascia we could repaint and tore off the parts that were past repainting. We spent a few days dodging rain showers and angry wasps to get the job done. It is surprising how big a difference a little had work makes.

On our way to New Hampshire we stopped in Terryville, Connecticut to see if we could assist Riverside Baptist Church in any way. Pastor David Townsley and the congregation there had a minor fire which made it necessary for them to redo the rear half of their facility. We also visited Pastor Richard Johnson in Brooklyn, New York to see if we could help Sixth Avenue Baptist Church with installing a baptistery. We are praying that we will be able to help with the needs at these two churches prior to heading south for the winter.

It was so nice to get to Concord, New Hampshire to be able to start helping with the facility here. Pastor Peter Chamberland started Granite State Baptist Church three years ago and the congregation is ready for the move from rented facilities into their own church home. With the Browns, Murphys, and McHattens all here the work is progressing rapidly. There are folks from the church here to help almost every day. They are excited about the new facilities God is providing for them.