Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2016


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March and April, 2016

I want to start off this letter by thanking the churches and individuals that help support the work God is allowing us to do. Thank you for your prayers that keep us healthy and provide for our safety while we are on the road. Thank you also for your financial support. Your love for other churches makes it possible for us to help folks across this country to improve their facilities and more effectively minister to their local communities.

In March we had the privilege to be in Mountain View, Arkansas. Heritage Baptist Church was able to purchase a property making it possible to leave their rented store front facility. The “new” facility needed some extensive work on the foyer which involved removing the existing walls and ceiling, insulating the new walls, hanging sheet rock, painting and laying ceramic tile. The sanctuary needed some lights replaced and rewiring done. We had to remove unwanted items from the ceiling (speakers, projector, tv monitor, and ceiling fans) and we gave the walls a fresh coat of paint. On the exterior of the building we replaced some rotting window sills, then power washed and painted the outside of the building. We also trimmed up the shrubbery and did lots of cleaning up.

When we arrived two men, Terry and David, from Tennessee had started on the foyer area. Mary and I started working to replace rotted window sills but soon shifted our efforts to help on the foyer. Working together with Terry and David we were able to get the foyer rewired, insulated and the sheetrock hung before Terry and David had to leave. We had several folks from Heritage Baptist Church helping us, Pastor Tim Whitfield was always there doing something and his wife Kim was there helping whenever her busy schedule permitted, one couple Alex and Rebecca helped us quite often, as did the Pastor’s mother, Faye Whitfield. A couple from our home church, Darrell and Trish Miller, were able to help us twice during our stay at Mountain View. Darrell did some much needed rewiring of the sanctuary lights, eliminating a bad situation left for us by the previous owners. It was good to have all these folks working with us on this project.

(Where we are headed: We should be in Seymour, Missouri most of May and June, with a side trip or two into Arkansas. Concord New Hampshire in July, or wherever God directs.)