Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2020


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Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – March and April, 2020

I’m sure that the last two months were interesting for all of us to say the least. Here is what March and April looked like for us.

The first part of March we made a trip back to Missouri to take care of taxes and to spend a couple days with Mary’s dad celebrating his 80th birthday. We tried to dress up like it was the 1940s. On the way back to Mississippi we filled our car up with building supplies from Wilson Creek. When we returned to Mississippi we were surprised by a non-working refrigerator full of rotted food. Two weeks of airing out the fridge (and camper) and a $490 part fixed us back up.

In Picayune Mississippi we continued the building, framed up some walls and started setting floor trusses with the help of a donated forklift. Everyone got involved including Jeremiah Wilson, the pastor’s 12 year old son, who eagerly helps every chance he gets.

We made another trip out of state going with our friends and co-workers, the Murphy’s, helping them drive their trailer back to Colorado just as the coronavirus scare started to ramp up. The scenery going over the Rocky Mountains was beautiful, and Mary got to see snow which made her happy. Back in Mississippi again we installed windows and doors and were able to get most of the metal on the outside of the building. Again the fork lift helped greatly, not having to climb ladders while wrestling a 20 foot piece of tin.

Also these last two months we learned about “drive-in church” and how to fellowship without getting close to one another. The church here has an FM radio station so for services we all pulled up in the parking lot and watched the preacher as we listened to him on our car radios.

Future Plans: finishing up as much as we can here in Mississippi this coming month and then returning sometime in June to our home, family, and our home church.

March and April, 2020
Karl and Mary Badalian