Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – May and June, 2018


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In May Dewain Crouch and I were able to finish up the suspended ceilings. George Davidson, Pastor Keeton, and Waymon Dyer were always there working with us. Together we put in the frames for the interior doors and got the platform built. Also a lot of interior painting was completed. As May neared its end Dewain was able to get a good start on welding the railing before we had to leave. Dewain and Linda Crouch and Mary and I left Union City Tennessee on May 31st, heading back to our home churches, the Crouchs to Kansas and us to Wilson Creek Baptist Church near Springfield Missouri. As usual, we ended up making friends and being a part of another church family, which we had to leave behind. We anticipate that the Lord will do wonderful things with his church in Union City.

Mary and I always return home in June to help with our two church camps. On June 5th we had our Junior Camp in Rogersville Missouri, a short drive from our home Church. Our Junior Camp is for young people second through sixth grade. What fun it was to be able to interact with the young people of our church as they played and learned about God. The theme for our Junior Camp was “fixer upper”. We all learned about how God is making us over from the inside out.

On Sunday, June 24th, 54 of us left Wilson Creek Baptist Church at about 2 pm arriving at Silver State Baptist Youth Camp outside Sedalia Colorado about 3 am Monday. The camp is for 6th thru 12th graders but is enjoyed by all of us. When we got back home Mary had a surgery appointment on July 2nd to repair a ruptured disc in her neck from our December car accident. The surgery went well but healing takes time so our plans to leave Missouri will be delayed a bit.

Thank you so much for your love and care for us, and for your many prayers.

Our future plans . . . . We will most likely be traveling to New Hampshire, Maine, or West Virginia in July. Please pray for Mary to heal and God to make our way straight and our path clear as we travel.