Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – May and June, 2020


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Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – May and June, 2020

The first part of May we were surprised by a visit from our friends, Fred and Dessie Warner, who came down to work and fellowship for a couple of days. Before returning to Arkansas they helped us finish up some of the exterior metal trim and some framing on the interior of the building.

We started the electric on the building in mid-May when Andy Carver and his daughter Abigail showed up with a trailer full of electric materials. We had a lot of wire to pull but with everyone helping we had the electrical work just about completed by the end of the week.

Dewain and I used some of our “spare” time to finish working on porches for two entryways. We even took some scrap wood and built a couple of sitting benches for out in front of the church.

In June another 53 foot semi truck load of supplies showed up from Rescue America Baptist Missions in North Carolina. Among other supplies they had some much-needed lumber. The supply of lumber allowed Dewain and I to do some final framing.

On the way back to Missouri we found out what it was like to have two tires blow out on our trailer. And how God can place good folks in unlikely places to help you get back on the road home.

The day after we arrived back home and safely had our trailer behind Wilson Creek Baptist Church the Lord treated us to a beautiful sunset and rainbow.

Future plans: Our plan is to go to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Main all before our Home Mission Conference in October. Of course what the Lord has in store for us is always better than anything we could imagine.

May and June, 2020
Karl and Mary Badalian