Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – November and December, 2014


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November and December, 2014

In November we hooked up our fifth wheel trailer and pulled it to Jerico Springs to help Pastor Rob Thomas with the new work the Lord has called him to start. We had met Pastor Thomas at the annual Home Missions Conference which our home church hosts each October. Pastor Thomas and his wife Gail had both grown up in the Jerico Springs area. After being away from the area for over twenty years they both, in God’s timing, got burdened for the need of the people in Jerico Springs.

As you might expect, God had already been preparing the way for all aspects of the work there, not just the building project, but also the people. When we arrived late afternoon on Monday we were surprised to see some of the sheetrock was already hanging. Pastor Thomas had an unexpected visitor named Douglas, who “just happened” to show up at the church. Douglas was able to volunteer his labor to help with the sheet rock work for the first few
days. The Lord used this time of working together and fellowship with Douglas to allow him to realize his need for salvation, and later that month Douglas made a profession of faith in Christ. PRAISE GOD . . . . the first new
convert at Cedar Hills Baptist Church. Pray for Douglas and his ten year old daughter, Ainzley, who have both been attending the services. More help came through a couple from our church, Darrell and Trish Miller, who took vacation to come to Jerico Springs. Darrell did interior wiring, installed outside lights, and got the plumbing roughed in; Trish helped Mary finish the sheet rock, while Pastor Thomas and I finished the metal siding on
the outside of the church. It was good to have friends join with us in the work there. When we left Jerico Springs all the sheet rock had been hung and the inside of the building was ready to paint.

Our next project involved working with Ray and Susie McCollough in the “repurposing” of some used building items from a church that was closing in Moore, Oklahoma. A local pastor, Brad Lowry, had informed Ray of an auction and Ray purchased a lot of bathroom fixtures, doors, ceiling tiles and other items. During this project we got to meet and work with Gary and JoNelle Lunow, Susie’s brother and sister-in-law, who live in Moore. We made several trips back to our home church hauling items to be used in future building projects. Pastor Lowry donated items that will be used in the church at Jerico Springs; also sending his youth pastor and three of the young men from the Carney family (missionaries to Hungary) to help. Another example of how God’s people work together, one church family helping another, all to advance the cause of Christ across this country.

Please pray for God’s guidance as we take the next steps in our adventure with the New Testament Church Planting ministry.