Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – November and December, 2018


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Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – November and December, 2018


We had an interesting November and December on the road with New Testament Church Planting. Most of our time was spent in Montalba, Texas with the folks from Bible Baptist Church. We were able to see the building there progress from a concrete slab through the framing process to getting much of the exterior metal put on by the end of December. It was a blessing having Dewain and Linda Crouch, David Finley and Wayne Murphy here working. I feel privileged to work with this group of men who are so willing to serve the Lord. Pastor Herod and the men of the church all have been helping whenever they have free time. With Montalba being only about eight hours from home we were able to make trips to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends.

My work in Montalba was slowed a bit when on December 19th I fell 13 feet off the roof. I bruised my heels badly but had nothing broken. The experience literally kept me “on my toes” while working the following couple of weeks. Again, thank you for praying, it could have been worse.

Mary and I took a trip to Marysville, Washington for a week at the request of Pastor Roe from Allen Creek Baptist Church. While there we were able to complete a couple of little projects and caught a vision of the building project the church there wants to undertake this coming summer.

Please be in prayer for our safety and health that we may continue to serve the Lord. Also pray the Lord would see fit to send other willing workers into this rewarding ministry field. Keep the church here in prayer as they continue to stay strong, not wavering from preaching the word of God.

Our future plans are to continue to prepare this new home in Montalba, Texas for Bible Baptist Church. As always thank you for your kindness to us and the support of the New Testament Church Planting ministry.