Newsletter from Karl and Mary Badalian – September and October, 2014


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September and October, 2014

September started for us at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Fort Scott, Kansas. We continued to help with their new building by finishing the insulation and sheetrock in the auditorium but concentrated most of our work on the end of the building that contains the fellowship hall, bathrooms, and classrooms. The old church building, after years of good use, developed a roof problem which made it necessary to move into the new building a bit earlier than planned. The first service in the new building was on “Anniversary Sunday”, the evening of September 21st. Praise God that the building was ready for use. It was a blessing to see the excitement of the folks as they began to utilize this new building that the Lord has so graciously provided. We had been praying that we would get to see the congregation in their new facility, and God answered that prayer. Mary and I both got some good use out of the dry wall sander we were able to borrow. It really saved us a lot of time. Although there is much work to be done, the progress is encouraging. On Saturday, September 27th we made a day trip to Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Pleasant Hill, Missouri to help Pastor Blaise with their food bank distribution. About 150 families were helped with free food and had the gospel presented to them.

Back at Fort Scott we got to help with the concrete slab by the front door. We were able to stay with those good folks through the first week of October, but then we had to say good-by to our Fort Scott church family for a planned trip to our home church. Back home at Wilson Creek Baptist Church we helped with getting the church ready for our Home Missions Conference. Among other things we cleaned, painted, mowed and installed a sprayer/faucet in our dish room. During the conference we stayed in our trailer at the church to cook breakfast in the mornings for the pastors, church builders and others involved in planting, or helping to plant, new churches across this country. We were fortunate to be able to open our home to Pastor Stevicks, his wife Glenda and friend Michelle from Fort Scott, evangelist David Porter and wife Debbie, and Mary’s parents. Although we were busy helping with the conference we were still able to spend some time with our guests.

The end of October we hit the road again. At Circle of Hope Girl’s Ranch we spoke with the Householders about a living quarters remodel and the addition of a roof over an entryway to the girl’s dorm area which we think
we can do next spring. At Jerico Springs we saw the work pastor Thomas needed to get done to be able to move in the new church building he is working on and told him we would be there the first week of November.