Newsletter from Mrs Moody – First Quarter 2019


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Dear Family and Friends,

What a wonderful season to celebrate the birth of our Saviour it has been!!

No need to talk about how time is flying by…we all know that.  We’ve had a great year at the Moody house!! God’s richest blessings have come our way in more ways than I could begin to tell you with computer and paper.

We have 7 grandchildren.  Austin 18 graduated from high school, Haiden 16…got his driver’s license this year, Saylah 15, Jacob 15, and Avery 15…all got their driving permits this year. Ava 13, became a teenager and Ezra 12, will become a teenager next year.  We got to have all of them at our church camp for a week up in Colorado. Then celebrating Christmas with a special time of us all sharing our testimony of salvation. I don’t want my family to ever wonder if Mom/Grandma was saved. Wonderful memories made!

We celebrated 34 years at Wilson Creek Baptist Church in June 2018, and the church celebrated its 90th anniversary in May 2018.  What a legacy of a lighthouse in this community!  “Our church continues to minister to our community while carrying out the Great Commission of taking the gospel, Good News, to a very needy world.”  My husband’s definition of a Great Church!! We are in the midst of starting 4 churches and taking on the responsibility of another one not far from us.  We have a thriving prison ministry in MO, AR, and OK. Preach Evangelistic Ministries is an outreach ministry focusing on the world’s Portuguese speaking people. Check them out at  And New Testament Church Planting, a ministry of helps. We have several families who live in RVs.  They pull into a church site and help build their church building, add on to existing buildings, and also help with financing to get them into that building to reach their community. You can go to our church website and check the ministries out  God has certainly blessed our church with leaders, families, finances, and a wonderful work ethic.

We’ve had our share of health problems this year but that’s part of the aging process. My knee replaced in October 2018 is doing great!  I feel I am finally walking like a normal person…including stairs. My husband had cancer removed from inside his ear. He has a follow-up appointment next week.  Not healing as well as we had hoped. His blood work for his physical all came back GREAT! Cholesterol, blood sugar, A1C…all wonderful in spite of the fact that I scheduled it after Christmas.  We will both turn 65 next year…Medicare here we come!!

Our NTCP crews have moved to southern Texas and Florida with their RVs due to winter weather.

Thank you again for a year of prayers, financial support, supplies, and encouragement.

We are thankful for each of you, close and far away, who have influenced and had a part in our lives and our family. Sending our love to all of you.

Mrs. Randall Moody