Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Third Quarter 2019


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Newsletter from Pastor Randall Moody – Third Quarter 2019

We pray that you and the ministry God has given you is flourishing.
July 2019

New Testament Church Planting, along with all the team members, rejoices in what God is doing with the local churches around the world.

Wilson Creek Baptist Church has been blessed with a heart for the needs of churches in America. One of the greatest needs seem to be men who are called of God to be leaders and pastors.

Matthew 9:38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

A leading from God set as a priority would certainly remove the obstacles most churches are facing in finding Pastors.


  1. Not a full-time position. If this is a problem, it would be more with the heart of the man than it is with the condition of the church. Our calling is full service to God, not to a paycheck. A church properly led will soon take care of its pastor.
  2. Not the area I want to be in. One of the greatest joys is to serve with those who have been in the military. When they enlisted, they knew they must be willing to go wherever their mission took them. A surrender to go only to a limited area is truly no surrender at all.
  3. Churches not prepared to call a pastor. This one is very difficult because when a church is without a pastor, those who have taken charge without being prepared are often hard to work with.This should not be a reason to not take a church but should be approached with the knowledge of how to proceed. The new pastor would be wise to make changes slowly and after winning several new people and discipling them.

Our teams just finished full construction of Bible Baptist Church in Montalba, TX, where Ron Herod is pastor. Wewere invited to come to their grand opening on July 07, 2019.This church has been a great example of a church that appreciated helps ministries. They worked diligently to have everything ready when our crews arrived. The men of the church as well as their pastor showed up consistently to work and do all they could to assist in the project.The ladies dropped off a meal each day at the jobsite which allowed the crews to continue working.

We have one more loan pending in Pennsylvania but as so often happens, they have been held up. The church is trying to buy the building that they have rented for twenty-six years. Please pray the owner will follow through on the price he quoted them earlier.

We are not by any means discouraged. It is always a blessing to see God working in all these situations.

A special word of thanks to all who help us to help other people. Our crews are taking a few days off and equipment is being put back into shape at this time. The tool trailer will be hooked up and moved to the next project as we start this next quarter.

Thank You,
Pastor Randall Moody